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National Bat Appreciation Day
April 17
Organization for Bat Conservation

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World Giraffe Day
June 21
Giraffe Conservation Foundation

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Horseshoe Crab Day
August 12 (not an official day)
Horseshoe Crab Conservation Fund

Every year the Brevard AAZK Chapter selects four or five different animals that we want to support. Throughout the year we raise money through donations and fundraisers, and at the end of the year the money is divided among our selected animal groups. On each World or National Animal Day we have a table set up where guests can learn about the animal, participate in games, and enter a coloring contest to win a plush toy of the animal. Below is a list of animal we have supported over the years.

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NetObjects Fusion Essentials

Vulture Day
September 6
Vulture Conservation Foundation

Anteater Day
November 21
The Pangolin, Aardvard, and Xenarthra Taxon Advisory Group (PAX TAG)

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