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The Feather Distribution Project
The Feather Distribution Project collects feathers that have been naturally molted from birds such as wild turkeys, macaws, and parrots to distribute to Native American peoples for use in traditional religious ceremonies. By doing so, the importation of endangered animals and threatened exotic birds is greatly reduced, which protects the birds and their native habitats.

Check out Brevard AAZK’s upcoming events and look through our past events to see some of the amazing organizations that we have supported in the past. Click on the links to learn more about all of these amazing organizations and what they do to help animals and our planet.

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Crashing for Rhinos
The Crashing for Rhinos was the Brevard Chapter’s version of AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos. BAAZK raised $948 to support the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the International Rhino Foundation. AAZK Chapters across the nation have raised over $5,290,945 since the first event in 1990, to support rhino conservation.

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